Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

We continue to closely monitor the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and are following the published recommendations of the CDC and the American Academy of Ophthalmology. We will continue to see our patients and treat any urgent/emergent needs.

With all of our offices open, the following protocols are in place:

1) We have greatly expanded measures to disinfect our office including cleaning between each patient appointment.

2) To limit any potential exposure, we ask you NOT to bring any non-essential person(s) with you to the appointment.

3) If someone must accompany you to your appointment, we ask that they do not enter the office, if at all possible.

4) If you have an upcoming appointment and identify with the following statements, please do not come directly to the office, but instead call us:

• Fever greater than 100.4

• Respiratory symptoms or difficulty breathing

• Exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days

• Placed in self/hospital quarantine by medical doctor

 Your health and that of our staff is our guiding priority and we continue to update our protocol to ensure safety for everyone. If you have questions regarding these evolving protocols, please contact our office.

Retina Specialists Dedicated to Preserving & Restoring Your Vision

What Sets Us Apart

Welcome to Retina Associates, LLC

Retina Associates, LLC is one of the most well-established and advanced practices devoted to diagnosing and treating diseases of the retina, macula, and vitreous among families in the Greater Kansas City area and the surrounding communities.

Our team of retina specialists serving Kansas City and neighboring communities specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, macular holes, macular pucker, and vascular occlusive diseases affecting the eye. We have highly skilled and well-trained physicians committed to providing you with the best care available using state-of-the-art facilities, diagnostic equipment, treatment plans, and surgery options. Retina Associates, LLC is also committed to continuous improvement in our practice and is actively involved in research that will further the treatment of the retina, macula, and vitreous.

Why Choose Us

Retina Associates, LLC offers advanced eye care not offered by other general ophthalmologists, optometrists, or primary physicians. Here are some of the reasons why families and referring physicians alike trust Retina Associates, PA, with their eye health.

Dedicated Retina Specialists

We are the largest group of retina specialists in the area, so patients travel from Kansas City and other neighboring communities to receive care from our doctors.

Comfortable Environment

Our objective is to provide world-class medical service in a comfortable, welcoming environment where patients can feel relaxed during their visits.

Multiple Locations

At Retina Associates, LLC, we want to ensure that all patients can access our services. We have multiple locations to better serve Kansas City and surrounding areas.

Advanced Research

Our physicians are also dedicated researchers who are consistently conducting studies to develop new instruments and techniques such as laser treatments.

Request an Appointment at Our Practice Today

Whether you are a new patient or a referring physician, our team is ready to meet you. Our team of physicians combines extensive training, advanced techniques, and continuing research to provide the most comfortable and effective eye care available. Together, our physicians are members of various organizations:

  • American Board of Ophthalmology
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Society of Retina Specialists

To schedule an appointment at any of our offices serving Lenexa, Overland Park, Kansas City and other neighboring communities, send us a message or call our office:

(913) 831-7400

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What Patients Are Saying


SEO Hitesh


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Dr. Fox was excellent when taking care of my mother's issues. Talking with him, he is always straight the point with no fluff and I appreciate that

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Paul French


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Absolutely wonderful, Dr. Batlle was simply the nicest

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Our Mission

Our mission is the preservation and restoration of sight in our patients. We strive to provide exceptional professional care in the most comfortable surroundings. It is our goal to provide the highest level of care and treatment working with your referring doctor, who remains an important part of your eye care team. We will keep your doctor completely informed of the care you receive. Our Team

What Is a Retina Specialist?

retina specialist is a medical doctor who has received advanced specialty training in the field of ophthalmology, as well as in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases affecting the retina, macula, and vitreous. 

In order to become a retina specialist, a physician must complete:

  • Four years of medical school
  • One year as an intern
  • Three years of ophthalmology training
  • Two years in a surgical retina fellowship

This advanced level of education and training gives us the unique ability to diagnose and treat macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, macular holes, macular pucker, and vascular occlusive diseases of the eye. 

The internal structure of the human eye
The internal structure of the human eye

Dedicated Retina Specialists Treating a Wide Range of Retinal, Macular, and Vitreous Diseases

As dedicated retina specialists, our team has the advanced training and knowledge needed to care for serious diseases affecting the retina, macula, and vitreous. Our physicians can diagnose, manage, and treat conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other serious conditions.

Our physicians and staff use advanced diagnostic tools and the latest treatment options to manage diseases such as:  

Image of macula affected by degeneration

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration affects millions of Americans and is one of the leading causes of vision loss in older patients. The condition progressively destroys the macula, which can severely impair a patient's vision and make it impossible to read, drive, or see clearly. Because advanced macular degeneration can cause permanent vision loss, early diagnosis and treatment are essential. 

Illustration of torn retina

Retinal Tear

The retina is a thin, light-sensitive tissue that lines the inside of the eye and is responsible for generating vision. When retinal tears occur, patients may see a sudden onset of floaters and flashes in their vision. Left untreated, retinal tears can lead to retinal detachment and vision loss. Fortunately, retinal tears are easily treatable with laser surgery when identified early on.

Retinal detachment

Retinal Detachment

When the retina completely pulls away from the back wall of the eye, it is known as retinal detachment. Retinal detachment causes blurry vision and is a serious medical concern which should be treated immediately to avoid permanent vision loss. Our physicians can promptly diagnose retinal detachment and provide potentially vision-saving surgery.

Artery occlusion

Retinal Vein and Artery Occlusions

Retinal vein and artery occlusions are blockages that limit the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the retina, causing severe vision loss. Retinal vein and artery occlusions are often caused by small pieces of cholesterol or blood clots. During your diagnostic appointment, our physicians will conduct a variety of tests to determine what the best treatment is for your individual condition.

Another 5-Star Review from One of Our Patients

"Both me and my spouse have troubled eyes and we've had positive experiences at both the Shawnee Mission and Overland Park offices. My spouse had symptoms of an eye emergency and was seen within an hour of calling and no referral needed. Thankfully it was nothing serious but the quick short-notice appointment shows they truly care."
Kyle Harper

Schedule Your First Visit Today

Most diseases of the retina, macula, and vitreous need to be treated early to avoid serious side effects such as vision loss. If you or a loved one is experiencing any signs or symptoms that could signify eye disease, visit Retina Associates, LLC, today. To request an appointment, send us a message or call our office:

(913) 831-7400

Signs and Symptoms of Retinal, Macular, and Vitreous Diseases

When left untreated, many of the eye diseases treated at our practice can cause permanent vision loss. We recommend that you schedule an appointment as soon as you notice any of these symptoms: 

  • Blurry vision
  • Distorted visual field
  • Difficulty focusing on objects
  • Difficulty adjusting when changing from light to dark environments 
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Need for brighter lighting when performing day-to-day activities
  • Poor depth perception
  • Sudden onset of flashes and floaters 
  • Reduced peripheral vision
  • Shadows in your visual field 
  • Pain or pressure within the eye
  • Tunnel vision
  • Partial or full loss of vision

Many symptoms can occur suddenly and without pain. When in doubt, schedule a consultation at any of our offices in the Greater Kansas City area and the neighboring communities.

Image of beach clouded by floaters
Example of vision with symptoms of blurred vision, blind spots, specks and floaters.

For Referring Doctors

As a referring doctor, you are an important part of our practice. When you refer your patient to Retina Associates, LLC, you remain an active participant in the eye care of your patient from start to finish. If you are a referring doctor, our retina specialists will work closely with your practice and keep you informed at every step.

To meet the needs of your patient in a timely manner, we offer same-day appointments for urgent and emergency referrals.

If you need to make a referral, contact any of our Retina Associates, LLC locations:

  • Lenexa                                           913-831-7400
  • Overland Park Office                  913-831-7400
  • Kansas City Briarcliff Office         816-505-3400
  • Topeka Office                             785-271-2200
  • Sedalia Office                               660-851-0492
  • Lee's Summit Office                    816-246-7400
  • Toll-Free Number:                      1-877-273-8462

Before You Visit Us

All new patients at our practice serving the Greater Kansas City area and neighboring communities, are required to fill out medical history forms, demographic forms, and privacy notices prior to their first appointment. By filling out your forms prior to your appointment, you can ensure the most efficient and productive visit possible. 

We also encourage you to bring a family member or loved one with you to your appointment. Since our retina specialists will share a lot of information about your condition and treatment options with you, many patients find it helpful to bring a friend or loved one who can help them absorb the broad amount of information. If we are dilating your eyes as part of your examination, you will also need a trusted person to drive you home from your appointment.

Medical record on smart tablet

What to Expect during Your First Visit


One of our retina specialists will complete a full examination and conduct a series of tests. During your evaluation, we may dilate your pupils and use special tools to check your eye for issues.


If necessary, we will conduct treatment on the same day of your appointment.


If your condition requires long-term management, our retina specialists will provide the care you need to ensure your lifelong eye health. 

"The Miracles Performed at Retina Associates Are Amazing"


Thomas Schnackenberg


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Absolutely the best care especially for diabetics who may unfortunately suffer from diabetic retinopathy.  Dr. Cohen made it possible for me to see again and you cannot put a price on that.  They will work with you on payment.  Everyone is genuinely concerned for your health and wellbeing.  The miracles performed at Retina Associates are amazing.  Thank you

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Katriana op den Dijk


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Dr Suiter restored the vision in my eye after a bleed.  I cannot speak highly enough of his and the staff's care and consideration. The waiting room is comfortable, and all staff members including Dr Suiter were always willing to take the time to explain steps in the process and give me time to ask questions. That willingness probably adds to the wait time, but I'd rather that than a Dr's office that runs on time but gives you exactly the scheduled time and no more. My mother also went to Retina Associates for cataracts and also has nothing but praise for the consideration for her multiple health issues in all appointments and the surgery itself.

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Retina Associates, LLC

Retina Associates, LLC is an advanced medical practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of retinal, macular, and vitreous diseases. Together, our eye care physicians belong to various prestigious organizations: 

  • American Board of Ophthalmology
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Society of Retina Specialists

Our mission is to help every patient preserve or restore their sight through our advanced treatment options. To discuss your needs with one of our doctors, request an appointment online or call us at (913) 831-7400.

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