Retinal Vascular Disease Symptoms

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Illustration of the retinaWithin the retina, there is an intricate system of arteries, capillaries, and veins that deliver oxygen and vital nutrients. Many retinal diseases compromise vision by disrupting this vascular system and preventing the retina from getting the blood and nutrients that are necessary for eye health and function.

Retinal vascular disease symptoms can vary slightly for each patient, depending on the specific injury and the extent of damage. It is important that individuals recognize potential symptoms of retinal vascular disease so that they can seek treatment in a timely manner. Early treatment at our Shawnee, KS, practice, Retina Associates, P.A. can be the key to preventing permanent vision loss.

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision is one of the most common symptoms of retinal vascular disease. There are a wide range of eye diseases classified as retinal vascular disorders, and they each affect the eyes slightly differently, but they all involve a restriction of blood circulation. If blood supply within the eye is limited, vision may appear blurry or out of focus. Blurriness most often affects central vision, which can also result in a limited field of vision.


Retinal vascular disease most often causes the field of vision to appear blurry, but it can also disrupt vision in other ways. Some of our Shawnee patients who are suffering from retinal vascular disorders notice floaters in their field of sight. Floaters are essentially tiny shadows cast on the retina by small clumps of fibers within the vitreous, or the clear gel between the lens and the retina. Floaters look like little spots in a person’s line of sight, almost creating the illusion that they are looking through a dirty window.

Loss of Vision

One of the scariest symptoms of retinal vascular disease is a loss of vision. Some people suffer from partial vision loss, while others experience a complete loss of vision. Most often, vision loss effects just a single eye. It is also common for vision loss to come on suddenly, rather than as a gradual progression. In some cases, vision loss is temporary. However, even if vision returns on its own, it is vital to report any changes in vision to our Shawnee retinal specialists as soon as possible. Without treatment, retinal vascular disorders can result in permanent vision loss.


In general, retinal vascular disease is a pain-free disorder. Even vision loss associated with retinal vascular disorders does not typically involve any type of pain or discomfort. One potential exception is headaches. Retinal vascular disorders linked to conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure) frequently result in headaches. Individuals with these conditions may suffer from headaches that come on regularly. These types of headaches can cause pain around the temples, and may even make the scalp sensitive to the touch.

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